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SC 0152

A robust 14th century samurai sword

A very robust Antique Koto blade in nice Edo Japanese Samurai mount.

This kanata mount comes with some very nice fittings, edo period old iron full size tsuba and large
dry fish menuki, gloss black lacquered on colorful sparkle wooden scabbard. All fittings are complete and original in suite, with nothing missing. Extra Saya is in very good condition.

This is a large and heavy Koto ca1500 blade with 3 holes in the tang. A superb made powerful and strong healthy blade with lot of temper on boshi carries a thick straight hamon along the cutting edge with nice tight itame hada metal grain.

The blade also has some beautiful activities.
Robust blades like this were made to pierce armour during the warring period with its strong kissaki.

This is a beautiful and healthy antique koto blade in superb flawless condition overall. Blade measures 28.25 "from tip to guard or nagasa 27.5" (70cm). Sword overall 40 "with 11.5" handle.

Blade is very sharp and very well balance that you can expect from a nice hand forged Koto.



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