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A superior grade Gendaito by Kanehide.

A superior grade Japanese sword by Kanehide.

The blade is signed "Nihonto Tanrenjuku Kanehide saku, dated " Koki Nisen Roppyaku-nen (Emperor year, 1940), shinogi-zukuri shape.

Kanehide's real name is Nakata Isamu, was Born on August, 1913 in Nagano prefecture, made swords during WWll time period and after the war as a Gendai sword smith, listed in John Slough's book page 41 as a Yen 2 million smith making high to superior grade swords.

The blade is in full polish and in super mint condition. The temper line is wavy chu-suguba with choji temper pattern throughout the blade and has deep o-maru temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada with no forge flaw.

Beside the samurai koshirae, this sword comes with an extra heavy metal gunto mounting is in excellent condition. Tsuba and seppas are matched number 5 stamped. It also has a blue/brown company grade sword tassel.

It measures 26+1/4" tip to the guard, 25+3/8" cutting edge, 1+1/4" width, 7 mm thickness at the notch and 39" in mountings.

Despite its vintage, the overall condition of the sword is mint and very sharp.



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