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A hefty Shinshinto in beautiful Art koshirae.

A Shinshinto Katana with much desirable O-Kissaki in Samurai Mounts that features a rare gold maki-e painting on the saya.

The blade and the mountings are in Excellent condition. The sword has a blade length of 27.5 inches (70cm). It features a strong construction and is thick and heavy.

It also features a rare and desirable O-kissaki, or elongated tip. It shows a well-grained ko-itame hada that is tight. The hamon is a chu-suguha that is present the length of the blade, ending in a maru boshi. The tang is mumei, or unsigned. Based on the shape and workmanship, the sword looks to date to the 1800s making the sword Shinshinto, possibly made by the Hosokawa school.

The blade comes with the original Samurai mountings that are in Excellent condition. The tsuka is wrapped with silk ito and shows little to no fraying. The tsuba is thick iron sukashi with two metal seppa. The saya (scabbard) is exceptional featuring a rare and desirable gold lacquer maki-e painting of a frog and a tree on it. The saya is in excellent condition.

From the cut marks on its spine, this sword has been involved in some sword fight and I am leaving the honor wounds on as a tribute to the sword.

The sword is very robust and extremely sharp. The few minute rust spots along the cutting edge shall remain as polishing off means removal of some steel and it may weakens the cutting edge.



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