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Antique samurai sword in WW 2 civilian mount.

This is a very old family blade handed to a son who worked for the military during WW2.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the GI who got it as a war trophy may have used it to cut into some tree, got the blade stuck and tried hard to pull it out by force. There are couple of bends on it.

The blade cutting edge is 60.6cm and very sharp. Bends are common in old blades and could be straightened by a vise or using method as shown on youtube but I would prefer to leave it to the professional to do it.

Overall condition is good considering its age with some age wear and minute rust pittings. The koshirae is good with old and not so old accessories....edo period menugis and a comtemporary tsuba. The tsuka has been rewrapped with leather ito.

The bends are depicted in the main listing photo and also photos 2 & 3.

I shall let the photos do the talking.



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