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Fujiwara Masaki Wakizashi from a Daimyo Collection.

Blade sign " Takada Ju Fujiwara Masayuki " 1700s.

Daimyo Registration in Showa 26 (1951) In this year, all sword collections of Daimyo and important people were asked to registered first. Swords registered in this year are deemed to be of the best quality examples and therefore, much sought after by collectors.

The blade has the Smith's name chiselled on its tang.

This wakizashi has a cutting edge of 45cm and the "hamon" is very beautiful.45.0cm ( 17.7165 inch )
thickness: 6.3 mm, Moto haba: 30.2 mm
Moto gasane: 6.3 mm, Saki haba: 20.3 mm
Saki gasane: 5.1 mm, Hamon: wavy.
habaki : 2 tone copper

Province " Bungo " Period: edo Period ( Kanei (1624-1644) )



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