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Daimyo Collection: IETSUGU-Muromachi era sword

Daimyo sword by IETSUGU, mid Muromachi

"Daimyo" Registration: This sword was registered in 1951

A sword bearing a license, the torokusho dated this year belonged to a Daimyo Collection. The earlier the registration number is, the more important the Daimyo owner was.

In this year, the Japanese government implemented a law requiring all swords to be registered, starting on a small scale asking the daimyos to register their collection of swords as a precedence. Daimyos are the feudal lords of old Japan, Subordinate only to the Shogun.
All swords registered in this year are of superior quality and much sought after by collectors.

However, many Daimyo's swords failed shinsa.

Menuki pegs are beautiful and very artistic.
Tsuba guard is nicely designed.
The blade is well polished and is in very good condition.
The blade is very well forged and has beautiful forged grains.
Beautiful Hamon temper lines


Mei signature: (Bishu ju IETSUGU)

Jidai date: appears to be Koto Mid Muromachi based on features of the sword.

Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri. Mune: Iori-mune

Boshi head: Ko-maru‚ Kitae hada: Mokume hada

Hamon temper line: Gunome Midare irregular temper lines

Nakago tang: Ha-agari kuri-jiri Yasuri-me: Kiri. Mekugi hole: One

Habaki collar: Single piece gold plated copper

Size (approximation):

Cutting Edge Length: 52.7 cm (20 3/4")

Moto-haba: 29.2 mm. Saki-haba: 20.5 mm. Moto-gasane: 6.1 mm

Saki-gasane: 4.4 mm. Sori curve: 12 mm. Kissaki point: 31.5 mm

Nakago tang length: 14.3 cm (5 5/8") Koshirae fitting: 74.4 cm (29 5/16")

Tsuka handle: 17.2 cm (6 3/4")

Weight (approximation):

Bare blade: 490 g (1.08 lb)

When fit in Koshirae mountings: 908 g (2.00 lb)

The blade is in its old fine polish and in excellent condition despite its age.

The Koshirae mountings are in very good condition with normal wears seen in items of this age.



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