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Daimyo Collection Mid Muromachi era sword.

Beautiful samurai Katana, of Soshu- School(Shimada-Group) Mid Muromachi.

A very beautiful 500 year old samurai sword in a rare Edo period Gold and black koshirae with design of Phoenix and cloud" and fitted with elaborated gold foil covered tsuba and tsuka.

This sword was registered with a very early number (246") in Showa Year 26 , so called "Daimyo Year of registration".

In this year, all important sword collections of Daimyos and prominent people were asked to register first.

Swords with this year's registration certification are regarded as of the very best quality and much sought after by collectors globally.

The tang is unsigned and was made by a smith from the Soshu- School(Shimada-Group) during mid Muromachi era.

Smiths working exclusively for Daimyos and Shoguns normally did not sign on their blades as a sign of respect of not overriding the Lords.

Hacho(Blade length): 65.3cm, Sori (Curvature): 1.9cm
Motomihaba (Width at the Hamachi): 3.10cm
Motokasane(Thickness of Motokasane): 6.8mm
Sakimihaba: 2.50cm, Sakikasane: 5.2mm
Nakago (The tang of the blade) Length: 17.7cm
Material: Iron
Hamon: Nie-deki and Ko-midare. Jihada: Itame-hada
Boshi: O-kissaki ,Midarekomi, Tsukurikomi: Shinogi-zukuri
Sugata: Suriage (shortened) with 1 Mekugi-ana (the hole for the mekugi):

Signature: Unsigned, Horimono ( Carving): Bo-hi, Gomabashi, Weight (Approx.): 630g, blade only



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