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Daimyo's Wazamono wakizaki .

A long and hefty Wakizashi made in Edo period by the famed-Harima Daijyo Fujiwara Tadakuni.

Blade has an Okisssai and is nicely polished with lots of activities in its ha and hada.

Width of blade is 3.0cm width and 0.8 thick so it is a strong hefty blade.

Blades by Tadakuni are classified as Wazamono for its sharpness.

Further to this, is the registration paper dated Showa 26,( 1951) so-called "daimyo year of registration", double confirming this sword was part of The Sword Collection of Daimyo Maeda Toshitsugu.

Blade has a cutting edge of 55cm and is 72.3cm in full length and with Shirosaya, it is 83.5cm in full length.

Shirosaya Full length 83.5cm
Blade Full length 72.3cm
Temper length 55cm
Sori 1.1cm
Hole 1
Width 3.0cm
Thick 0.8cm



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