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Very Fine Gunto Koshirae with edo blade

Antique Japanese Long Sword Unsigned, made in Edo Era

With Special-ordered WWII Army-Gunto (Type 98) Koshirae with rare Kurozome) Silver Planting Fittings, and same parts numbers.

This sword was made during Edo era with the characteristic of Mino School. Hamon is Togari-gonome displayed on both sides of and in its old polishing.

Special-ordered WWII Army-Gunto (Type 98) Koshirae with rare(Kurozome) Silver Planting Fittings, and same parts numbers

This Koshirae is Type 98 Army officers Gunto with tassel of the officer class, and is a special ordered-made one to fit this sword, and the scabbard is made by iron. From the condition of the sword, the owner was probably an administrative officer and sword has not been involved in the battle field.

Another possibility could be this type of Gunto was made for homeland defense to prevent US invasion when Japan was losing the war and as Japan surrendered soon after, it was not used in battle but hidden away, risking being caught by the US occupying forces. The minty condition of the Koshirae and sword supports this.

All fittings (Kashira, Fuchi, Hanarebuchi, Tsurikan, Sekigane, Kojiri and Tsuba) are (Kurozome) and made by silver plating.

All fittings and seppa have the same number-417.

It is extremely rare to find such fittings, and in excellent condition.

Age: Blade- Edo period, Koshirae-Showa, Total size : 101.05 cm

Weight: 1536g, Signature: Unsigned,
Condition: Age appropriate.


Blade Hacho(Blade length): 63.7cm, Sori (Curvature): 2.2cm
Motomihaba (Width at the Hamachi): 2.86cm ,otokasane
(Thickness of Motokasane): 6.9mm, Sakimihaba: 2.4cm, Sakikasane: 5.9mm,Nakago (The tang of the blade) Length: 15.2cm
Hamon: Togari-gonome.
Boshi: Nakamaru
Tsukurikomi: Shinogi-zukuri
# of Mekugi-ana(the hole for the mekugi): 2
Signature: Unsigned
Weight(Approx.): 640g Blade only
Condition: Excellent condition.

Saya (Scabbard) Size: 73.1cm (Length) x 4.28cm (Width) x 2.34cm(Thickness)



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