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Fujiwara Takada Katana, Muromachi era, NBTHK Hozon Certificate.

Samurai katana 60.2cm sword by Fujiwara Takada, certificate

Antique Samurai sword, Unsigned, 60.2cm with NBTHK HOZON paper, attributed to " FUJIWARA TAKADA: of mid Muromachi era, about 500 years old.

NBTHK described and attributed this sword to be made by Fujiwara Takada of Takada Group.

NBTHK Hozon Token, Koto (Late Old Swords) Mid Muromachi (Before 1590)

NBTHK described that the swordsmith belonged to Takada Group from Bungo province (Now, Oita Prefecture)

The Hamon (temper line) is Gonome-midare and Hada is Ko-mokume-Hada.

Certificate of Authenticity issued by NBTHK (The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai) on June 2, 1997. No.346797), Hozon Token

As the Hacho (cutting edge) is over 60cm, it should be described as a Katana, but NBTHK certificate stated this sword as wakizashi using the old measurement method.

Sword was recently polish and the blade is very beautiful and elegant. It is mounted in a Shirasaya.

Hacho (Cutting edge, Blade length): 60.2cm
Sori (Curvature): 2.2cm
Motomihaba (Width at the Hamachi): 2.88cm
Motokasane(Thickness of Motokasane): 6.5mm
Sakimihaba: 2.20cm
Sakikasane: 4.9mm
Nakago (The tang of the blade) Length: 17.0cm
Material: Tamahagane

Hamon (temper line) : Gonome-midare.
Jihada: Ko-mokume-Hada
Tsukurikomi: Shinogi-zukuri
Mekugi-ana (the hole for the mekugi): 2
Signature: None

Weight(Approx.): 544g" Blade only"
Habaki Material: Silver

Condition: Age appropriate

Condition: Recent polishing.

There are tiny scratches due to in and out from the scabbard.

Total weigh (Approx.) blade and Shirasaya: 842g

Total length (Shirasaya): 88.1cm



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