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Gendaito by Master sword smith, Mitsuoki Endo

Master Swordsmith Mitusoki Endo was born in 1904 (Meiji 37). Mitusoki Endo real name was Jinsaku Endo. He lived in Niigata city, and studied the method of forging swords by himself. Mitsuoki joined the Nihonto Tanren-sho of Hikosaburo Kurihara in 1935, working actively in Showa era. He was honoured most frequently in the Shinsaku-to (New made swords) exhibitions. In 1939 Mitsuoki was making swords for the 700th anniversary of the death of Emperor Gotoba.

This sword was made in the Kiyomaro style. The blade is heavy and has a long tip. The koshirae is custome made with edo period tsuba and accessories.

Rated Ju Ju Saku, Mitsuoki was officially recognized "Mukansa" in 1981. 'Mukansa' meaning: "without judgment", regards to Mitsuoki swords are of such a level that they are displayed at the annual contemporary sword smith exhibition without examination of a panel of judges; no further awards is to be granted, since the swords are above competition.

Sword Smith: Mitsuoki Endo

Nagasa: 70.7 cm. Sori: 2.0 cm.

Moto-haba: 3.2 cm. Saki-haba: 2.3 cm.

Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm.

Weight of blade: 752 g.



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