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Go Yoshihiro Katana, NBTHK TH

This is the last sword I bought from Darcy before he passed away.

The sword is a new discovery and it has passed Hozon, Tokubetsu Hozen and hopefully Juyo in future. 

This sword has some rough hada and it was touched up and repolished by Yanagawa san, the renowned flaw restorer.

Now looks very nice and the rough hada is no longer visible. 

This Go has a wide hamon like the Meibutsu Tomita-e Yoshihiro, laden with lots of very bright slivery nie and combined with Go's unique nioi-guchi, they appear like stars in the milky way

A Japanese friend advised me that a Go with TH paper is very rare and hard to find.

A Juyo example would cost at least double or triple and due to age, most have some flaws too.

Go Yoshihiro swords are very rare and considered by the sword dealers in Japan as mysterious. There is an old saying, "You never see a ghost or a Go".

From the olden time of Toyo Hideyoshi, he has been revered as one of the 3 Great Smiths of Japan (Nihon Sansaku).

He was said to have died at the age of 30 and he is considered as a peer in skill to his teacher, Masamune.

No signed example remains and his swords are mainly kept in Shogun, Daimyo and Imperial sword collections since Edo period.

The last photo depicts this Go next to the famous Inaba Go like a twin. Both have a bohi that ends early from the kissaki. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Price : Reserved


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