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This is a privately ordered sword by a famous smith, Bizen Ju Yasuhiro

Yasuhiro of Bizen was placed 2nd seat in the 1941 sword exhibition. This Yasuhiro is not the same Yasuhiro of Yasukuni Shrine ( see SC0170 for Yasuhiro of Yasukuni Shrine)

The blade has a tachi mei and without any inspection stamp. It is a tell sign that the blade was ordered privately and remounted into an army mount when the owner was called up to serve the emperor in WW2.

Nice suguha hamon runs through the length of the whole 65.5cm blade which is very sharp.

All officers in the Imperial Japanese Army came from samurai background and had to buy their own sword or have their family heirloom sword remounted into a gunto. File and rank soldiers were issued with Military issued mass produced swords of lower quality.



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