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Izumi No Kami Fujiwara Kunisada, 1st generation

This fine17th century Japanese wakizashi in full collectible set. The blade is in mint polish with sharp edge and crisp lines, there is no flaw or damage to mention.

Very active and well executed high gunome midare hamon with sparkling nioi and sprinkled nie , beuatiful grain work, nice large boshi with great activities such as distinctive kinsuji line.

The tang is signed is unaltered with original hole and signed :

Izumi No Kami Fujiwara Kunisada , the 1st generation
He is rated by Hawles at 70 points and as a Jo-jo saku smith by Fujishiro who was born in 1589, Kyushu. He was the leading student of Kunihiro, later he became independent and received the Izumi no kami title in 1623, since then he worked continuously till 1645 and signed most of his blades with this mei used on this blade.
Kunzan Honma pointed out that even his average products are of high quality.
It is also pointed out that his swords are one of the finest ones made in Edo period, and he was a remarkably succesful swordsmith.

The blade has full Edo koshirae, the saya has mint thick urushi laquer, very good condition, good kurigata with 3 plate shitidome. The habaki is silver and gold plated also in great condition. The tsuba is highly decorated with raised theme on both sides to high quality. The tsuka has quality large rayskin wrapped around it, thick fine menukies with silver and gold inlays, the fuchi and kashira are also of very high quality and extremely well detailed raised decoration, even the tiny faces are very distinguished. There is also a tsunagi (wooden blade) with separate wooden habaki. The blade is housed in quality shirasaya with horn fitting.
This sword was cared for and given high quality polish and mounts

cutting edge: 42cm (16.5 inch)
width: 2mm
thickness: 5 mm



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