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SC 0029

Russo Japanese Kyu Gunto (Russo-WW2)

Russo-WWII Japanese Officer Kyu Gunto
A very nice condition Russo-Japanese War period to WWII Japanese Kyu Gunto officers sword with all its original parts and accessories.

The only thing that looks to have been changed out was the officer tassle in period to conform with the uniform regulations of the World War 2 period.

The hand forged katana blade is 26 inches long and unsigned, and has no markings on the tang. It fits tightly with no blade rattle but some play in the hilt. The button latch holds tight into the scabbard and draws in and out smooth.

Despite going through 2 major wars, this sword is still in almost mint condition and the blade is razor sharp.

A suede cover has been customized to protect the scabbard and add a touch of class to it.



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