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Hefty katana with Dragon Horimono in WW2 Gunto mount attached with rail police tassle.

This sword has a dragon and Sanskrit characters incised on its blade.

Attached a rail police tassle. 

The owner was from a samurai background and was someone attached to the rail police department overseeing the security of manchuko. 

Emperor Puyi was just a figure head and Manchukuo was effectively ruled by a group of Japanese advisors appointed by Emperor Hirohito.

This sword is almost straight and broad like a Chinese broad sword (dao) and the hamon is suguha. Horimono is very crisp. This sword is a symbol of authority.

The blade has gone thru a cosmetic touch up to bring out the hamon and it is in excellent condition. The blade has been shortened and has 3 tang holes. The smith's name might have been cut off when the sword was shortened.

The quality of the blade is of superb quality and it is hefty, strong and heavy.

The brown/ yellow tassle indicating owner was from the Manchuko Rail Police differs from the standard military tassle was in this case carried by a member of the ruling elite of Manchukuo advisors. ( NEEDS MORE RESEARCH) 

This sword is a symbol of authority and not involved in field battle.

Every sword tells a story.



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