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Japanese Meiji era Kyu Gunto

This is the very early one-hand, sabre-type kyu gunto, first introduced during Emperor Meiji era. The two-hand "D-guard" type came later. A senior officer tassle is attached.

This is an exceptionally clean piece, complete with the knot and it once belonged to a high-ranking officer who didn't see the actual battle. Minor scratches and stains on the black Lacquered metal saya and a suede combat cover was customized to protect it.

Refer to Swords of Imperial Japan , 1868 - 1945 by Jim Dawson for the history and specific application. ( ISBN-13: 978-0971912724 )

The blade is unsigned and in recent polish, exposing a beautiful wavy hamon along its very sharp cutting edge.

The saber overall length: 89 cm inclusive of the suede cover. Blade cutting edge is 65 cm.

The sword to the Japanese soldier much treasured as his spirit...The bushido spirit and they take very good care of it in war and peace time.

The overall condition looks super mint.

Private Collection and not for sale.



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