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Kanemichi(7)katana, using Yasugi steel.

This is a superior grade military sword and the tang is signed by the smith, Kanemichi that was rated as a Yen 2million in John Slough book. He was also listed as a Special Honor Noted seat in the 1941 Sword Exhibition.

His swords have been issued NBTHK Hozon paper.

The last photo indicate Yasugi steel was used to make this sword and with a hot stamp at the lower part of the Tang.

The heavy long blade has a beautiful hamon running on both sides on the whole blade and it is razor sharp.

Yasugi steel as developed by Hitachi Metal Ltd to substitude the shortage of tamahagane and was expensive to produce.

Forging a katana with this very hard material is extremely difficult and required high skill.

The blade is mounted in WW2 civilian samurai mount with al rare suede combat saya.

The length of the cutting edge is 67cm. and has some battle scars with a deeper one on its spine that seems to have been strike by a bullet. I am retaining all these scars as an honor to this blade which is very heavy and sharp.
The hamon is very striking and unable to capture it with the phone camera.



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