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SC 0174

Sako Kaneshige Gendaito

Gendaito Signed (Sako Kaneshige no saku)

l The blade has grace figure with the deep Sori curvature.

l Hamon temper lines and Boshi lines are very clear and eye-catching.

l The blade is well polished and is in good condition.

l The blade is very well forged and has wonderful forging grains.


l Mei signature: (Sako Kaneshige no saku)

l Kaneshige was a swordsmith in Seki town around 1930s. This sword was traditionally forged. There is a Japan sword registration paper and only traditionally forged swords are examined and then allowed to register.

Jidai date: around 1930s. Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri

Mune: Iori-mune. Boshi head: O-maru. Kitae hada: Nashiji hada. l Hamon temper line: Midare irregular temper lines
Nakago tang: Kiri. Yasuri-me: Takano-ha. Mekugi hole: One
Habaki collar: Single piece gold plated copper.

Size (approximation):

l Cutting Edge Length: 64.6 cm (25 1/2")

Moto-haba: 30 mm. Saki-haba: 22 mm

Moto-gasane: 7.8 mm. Saki-gasane: 5.5 mm

Sori curve: 15 mm. Kissaki point: 35 mm. Nakago tang length: 22.2 cm (8 3/4in). Shirasaya fitting: 96.5 cm (38")

Tsuka handle: 26 cm (10 1/4").

Weight (approximation):

Bare blade: 748 g (1.65 lb)

When fit in Shirasaya fitting: 1,114 g (2.46 lb)


The blade is well polished and is in good condition with some scratches and flaws, which are not fatal. There are some marks mainly in Shinogi-ji, which are very emphasized with lights in dark room (refer to the close-up photos below) but are not so seen in actual view. The Shirasaya fitting is in very good condition with normal wears seen in items of this age



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