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Ko-Bizen kodachi by Tomoyasu

Ko-Bizen Tomoyasu(Juei 1182-1184).

This could be an old Koto-Nihonto Kodachi from the Heinan era made by Tomoyasu(Juei 1182-1184).

The founder of Ko-Bizen is noted in old books to be a smith named Sanenari, but there are no works of his extant.

Kodachi of this period are gentle and light in hand and worn by nobles in court.

Nihonto Collecting is a very difficult subject and I shall research further before I send it to Japan NBTHK for certification. The process is time consuming and costly.

The name looks weak and if it is gimei, it would be removed and resubmit as a mumei. It would get a Hozon certificate and then I shall work from there.

At times, I buy old samurai swords for display in the house because it is real antique and overall package looks nice.

Gimei is part of Japanese sword history. The Japanese has a custom of putting a big name smith's signature onto a cheaper nice sword to enhance its value if it was meant for an important person.

Singapore is a closed market and the law is extremely strict. For years, sharp swords, new or antique would be sent for blade blunting before releasing to owner.

Many collectors without access to real swords are buying replicas and paying thousands of dollars for them.

Not too long agao, a sword like this could never possibly exist in Singapore.

I am working hard to push open the gate and looking forward to the day that real swords could be imported and sold freely.

Nagasa: 62.0 cm. Sori: 2.0 cm.

Moto-haba: 2.5 cm. Saki-haba: 1.5 cm.

Moto-gasane: 0.6 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.3 cm.



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