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Beautiful ubu Katana by Kanenori, NTHK

A Daiei era (1521-1527) beautiful Ubu-Zaimei Koto Katana with a strong wide & thick healthy robust/stout blade signed "Kanenari saku".

It is very hard and rare to find an unshortened long katana from the (Sengoku Jidai) warring states period. The cutting edge is 75 cm and with a very elegant curve / sori of 26 mm.

It was papered by NTHK in Tokyo Japan
Signed : Kanenori Saku

Jidai (era ) : Daiei era circa 1521-1527

Certificate : NTHK (NPO) Tokyo Japan.

The blade is beautiful, thick & wide & in polish without kuzu or flaw !

Nagasa/cutting edge : 75 cm & very sharp !

Blade thickness at the habaki notch : 7.72 mm thick

Width at the habaki : 31.62 mm

Width at yokote level : 21.07

Kissaki/point : 47.03 mm

Sori/curve : 26 mm

Hamon / temper : a beautiful big & wide Gunome on both side

Hada / grain : a very well forged clear fine Itame mix

Point / kissaki : Extended strong point with big Boshi turn-back on both side

Blade exhibit some beautiful & very clear activity's all over-it !

Blade with original old double copper habaki and mounted in an old shirasaya .



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