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Nagamaki Naoshi Wakizashi, Koto era

Koto period Wakizashi in Edo koshirae.

This 1480-1550 era blade is so called Nagamaki Naoshi type, a wide, powerfull blade developed from a halberd for hand use, a real butcher in close combat in battle.

The blade is nicely shaped with a long curved large tip showing beautiful boshi, the hamon is very nice all the was with many great activities, the hada , grain is easily visible and very nice also. The blade is in good minty polish, clean, scratch free, no nick etc., but the blade has some noticable kizu, loose grain, but still the blade looks very nice and much better than on the pictures.

The mumei tang is unshortened with deep patination.

The blade has edo koshirae, double habaki with heavy gold coat, nice iron tsuba, interesting tsuka with nice large menukies, realy good fuchi with highly raised theme with great details, the kashira is polished and lacquered horn.
The saya is also of good quality with copper butt fitting, great lacquering, but the saya has a small part damaged to the mouth

The sword comes with copy of japanese registration card.

cutting edge: 31cm ( 12inch) width: 28mm, thickness: 4mm

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