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Toshitane- Kyo Nobukuni-16th Generation,

Massive Sword by Toshitane, KYO NOBUKUNI-16th Generation.

Massive Shinshinto katana with a blade length of 32 inches (81cm). It features a strong straight shape and has a larger kissaki.

The tang is signed on the omote "Kyo Nobukuni Ju Roku Dai Toshitane and dated Gengji Gan Toshi Ne Ju Gatsu Hi, or a day in the year of the rat 1864". The tang is also signed on the ura Ouju Bou Oite Hagi Shiki Tan, or request, the sword was made in Hagi by several-time fold-forging process. The sword then was a special order and made specifically in Hagi, the capital of Choshu province.

Toshitane was a shinshinto smith, 16th generation of the very famous NOBUKUNI and known for making swords in varying styles.

The blade comes in its original Samurai mountings with an oversized tsuka and an old iron sukashi tsuba that features a mantis and phoenix menuki. The saya (scabbard) is lacquered brownish red with a textured design. It shows a red stripe down one side with the original sageo knot.

This swords is rare and unique in size and with its rich maker family lineage, the high degree of craftsmanship displayed, it is most likely ordered made as a presentation to a temple and taken away by some rogue GI during the US army Occupation and brought back to the US as a war trophy.

Detailed measurements for the sword:Nagasa: 81 cm, Sori: 1.9 cm, Motohaba: 3.2 cm, Sakihaba: 2.4 cm, Nakago Nagasa: 27.8 cm, Kasane: 0.6 cm



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