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Meiji era Senior Officer Kyu Gunto

"Japanese Imperial Army "kyu gunto."

This is the very early one-hand, sabre-type gunto. The two-hand "D-guard" type came later.

This is an exceptionally clean piece, complete with the knot and it once belonged to a high-ranking officer who didn't see the actual battle. Minor scratches and stains on the saya.

Refer to Swords of Imperial Japan , 1868 - 1945 by Jim Dawson for the history and specific application. ( ISBN-13: 978-0971912724 )

The blade with bohi is unsigned and in recent polish.

The saber overall length: 86.0 cm. Saya: 70.5 cm. Blade Nasasa 64.5 cm. Sori 0.4 cm.



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