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Koto Japanese Long Sword 68.2cm Unsigned, Mihara , NBTHK Hozon

Beautiful Katana Antique Japanese Long Sword, Unsigned Mihara . Mihara-Group. Yamato-den (Yamato-School). Sue Koto (Late Old Swords) , of mid- Muromachi period (around 1467s). Hamon (temper line) of this sword is Sugu-ba.

Hacho(Cutting edge,Blade length): 68.2cm. NBTHK (The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai) NBTHK Hozon Token Paper. This is a Sue Mihara Katana was oncein a Daimyo Collection as indicated in the Registration paper in Showa 26.

This year is also known by collectors as" Daimyo Year of registration" In this year, swords from daimyos and important Collections were be first to be registered.

Hacho(Blade length): 68.2cm
Sori (Curvature): 1.4cm
Motomihaba (Width at the Hamachi): 2.99cm
Motokasane(Thickness of Motokasane): 7.0mm
Sakimihaba: 2.31cm
Sakikasane: 5.3mm
Nakago (The tang of the blade) Length: 20.2cm
Material: Iron
Hamon (temper line): Sugu-ba

Jihada(forging grain): Mokume-hada

Tsukurikomi: Shinogi zukuri

Sugata(Shape): O-Suriage (cut shortened)

Number of Mekugi-ana(the hole for the mekugi): 4

Signature: None

Weight(Approx.): 701g -Blade only

Condition: Old polish.

There are tiny kitae-kizu with age appropriate.

There are tiny scratches due to in and out from the scabbard.

Material: Copper based , Gold (Plating)

Condition: Age appropriate

Total weigh (Approx.) blade and Shirasaya : 1084g

Total length (Shirasaya ): 98.3cm



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