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SC 0234

A beautiful Katana, Momoyama era with Saijo saku Certification

Kanesaki 72.7 cm samurai sword,
Momoyama-period (early 17th century).

This beautiful sword was made in Momoyama-period (late 16th to early 17th century).

The swordsmith, Kanesaki originally came from Mino (Now, Gifu Prefecture) and later, moved to Inaba (Now, Tottori Prefecture).

He made swords for actual wars during Late Muromachi to Early Edo.

This sword is very long 72.7cm and heavy 911g (blade only). And it was made after the warring period had just ended.

Certificate of Authenticity, authenticated by the appraiser, Mr. Murakami from (Toen-sha Shinsa Iinkai) on May 25, 1975. (No.008264)

Murakami judged this sword as the an excellent sword of superior grade. (Saijo saku).

Toen-sha was founded and operated by Murakami Kosube sensei, a student of Hon'ami Kosan, and once a member of the NBTHK Juyo Shinsa.

The organization issued several levels of papers which are highly regarded. When Murakumi sensei passed away some years back, the group disbanded.

Murakumi 's top student Nakahara Nobuo continues to conduct lectures all over Japan.

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