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Naminohira Tachi, Early Muromachi era, NBTHK Hozon<br><br>

Naminohira Tachi, Early Muromachi era. NBTHK Hozon

The late Edo/Meiji period exquisite Tachi koshirae was specially made to house this blade after it went through a polish and in excellent condition. It's very massive with a length of 121cm. There is so called "hammered effect on the metal furniture on the koshirae. The tachi mounts come with a wooden tsunagi to hold them together. The blade is in excellent old polish that shows that it has been carefully preserved over the years.

Due to the Japanese custom of gifting and enhancing its value with a big name.

The ICHI signature on this sword was confirmed to be Gimei, and removed. It was re-submitted for Shinsa Sept.2019 Shinsa and NBTHK attributed the sword to Naminohira, early Muromachi period.

The Naminohira school swords have many characteristics of YAMATO Tradition, this is because the father of the founder, Masakuni moved from Yamato province to Satsuma.

The school's old swords made from Heian to Nanbokucho period are referred to as Ko-Naminohira school.

The founder's name Naminohira Yukiyasu, literary means "Calm Waves Go Safely" so that his swords were popular among people related to maritime businesses, and his name was succeeded through many generations until Meiji period.

Detailed measurements for the sword:

Nagasa: 77 cm, Sori: 2.1 cm,motohaba: 2.9 cm,Sakihaba: 1.8 cm, Kissaki Nagasa: 3.1 cm, Nakago Nagasa: 20.5 cm
Kasane: 0.6 cm

Since 1996, there were 8 Naminohira tachi, 1 Katana and 1 Tanto that have passed Juyo.

May consider sending this sword back for higher paper.



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