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Osafune Sukesada Samurai sword, ERA 1567

Japanese sword in full honzukuri mountings.

The blade is signed "Bizen koku ju Osafune Sukesada saku ", dated "Eiroku Ju-nen Hachi-gatsu hi (a day August ca.1567)", shinogi-zukuri shape, muromachi period made blade.

The blade is in old polish, and in very good condition. The temper line is wavy chu-suguha with kinsuji (chrystal) active temper throughout the blade and has ko-maru temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada, no forging flaws at all.

The scabbard is black lacquered scabbard with some age wear but in good condition. The famiy mons are stick on.

The handle is tight fit with gold n black iron fuchi/kashira and dragon motif copper menuki. The silk brocade n silk handle wrapping are in good condition. The tsuba is of edo period with nice patina as depicted in last photo.

The blade has a cutting edge of 26+1/4" 1+1/4" width, 7.5mm thickness at the notch, and 39" with mountings.

Despite its 500 year of age and probably involved in many battles, the blade is very robust and not much polished down. The beauty of Koto blades is the sharpening process is easy and can become extremely sharp.



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