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Prototype Vintage Rolex Day-Date, steel.

It was commonly thought that Rolex Day-date were made in precious metal till a Steel Daydate in steel, model 6611 appeared in the Antiqurom Auction. It was stated as 6 pieces made to test the market.

Another steel Day Date with caliber 3055 was auctioned at Philips, Geneve Auction lot no. 25 on 10th November 2018.
It was said to be a test watch for caliber 3055 movement.
(Last Photo) and sold for CHF 168,750.

This watch is one of the unknown Rolexes that bewildered the watch collector world.

This is one of the prototype Rolex watches believed had been used to test the calibre 3055 movement by the team of watch makers at Rolex.

The upper case has no serial or model numbers as it is not meant for production. The back steel case is stamped with all the usual Rolex markings and says stainless steel. The movement is calibre 3055 Day date model.

The dial is an early period DayDate and the movement has an early production with numbers of 0112xx.

This watch was was offered to me many years ago together with many Rolex watch parts and accessories from an overseas dealer. I purchased it in as it is condition. Upon close examination, the parts were all confirmed to be of Rolex original.

Recently serviced by Ex-Rolex Technician and all functions are working perfectly and keeping excellent timing.

As the Jubilee bracelet is stretched, a new Oyster bracelet is fixed onto it for my everyday wearing.



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