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RVM-Ex 14

14k Rolex Explorer

Rolex Explorers were said to have been produced in steel only and dial with gold wordings and matching gold hands appeared on some steel Explorers.

As this is the first gold Explorer known to us, upon close examination, we found that the dial plate is of Rolex product and fitted nicely onto the movement of this watch. We are unsure if the dial is original or has been re-finished. If the reference no. is correct, the watch should have an engine turned bezel but this watch has a smooth bezel. Rolex watches are always contradictory and confusing at times with wrong reference and case nos. Proper information are hard to come by and tightly guarded as confidential by the factory.
A few years ago, we read in a watch book published by an expert from a very famous watch auction house who is also known as the "Authority Of Watches" He wrote that no gold Airking was ever produced by M/S ROLEX and we happened to buy in one gold example with the correct case ref. no with an original honey combed Air King dial.

This watch is unique and would be considered as an extremely rare example of a gold Rolex explorer. However, as we have never seen any gold Explorer in any watch book, we are selling it as it is condition as described and buyer should examine the photos carefully and make decision.

Case: Original Rolex 14k

Dial: Original and nicely aged.

Movement: Clean and working fine.

A very unique vintage Rolex watch

Price : POA


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