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Rolex Explorer 16550 with Ivory Dial

Ms Rolex introduced ref. 16550 model with black and white dials.

There was some defect in the white paint and ROLEX received many complaints that the white color dial changed to ivory soon after.

Production of the white dial was stopped after a short period whilst the black dial continued in production.

As few were produced, it is much sought after by collectors and it's value is 3 times more than the later ref. 16570 white dial that replaced it.

Dial in mint condition and bracelet is tight. Bezel has been polished to remove some scratches. Hands in white metal except the sweeping second hand which is coated in black for easy reading.

This is the so-called "Rail Dial" that has a clean clearing between the 2 lines of wordings at below part of dial.

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