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RVM 3908

The ultimate Rolex Oyster Moonphase, ref. 6062<br> <br>

Rolex Oyster Moonphase

Ref: 6062 Serial no: 9426XX

Year made : 3Q/1953

DIAL : Creamy dial.

STRAP / BRACELET : Rolex USA Vintage Jubilee bracelet.

DESCRIPTION : In the 1950's, Rolex made 2 versions of Moonphase wristwatches. The ref.8171 model comes with a snap on back and the ref. 6062 comes with a water-resistant case.

The 6062 model was the flagship model of ROLEX in the 1950's and didn't sell well as other brands with same functions were selling at much cheaper prices.

Moreover, who needs the function of the moon?

Furthermore, the people who could afford such an expensive watch would more likely to be middle-aged and possibly have difficulty in reading the tiny calender windows.

According to auction houses researches, 350 pieces were produced in yellow gold, 50 in pink gold with very few made in steel which I personally do not agree with.

Over the years, I have had seen 9 actual steel examples from India, China, Burma & the Philippines and not counting the pieces that had appeared in auction catalogues.

In the late 50's, Rolex produced the Date-Just to replace it. What did not sell well in those days, make it very much sought after by collectors today. This is the ultimate vintage Rolex watch for serious Rolex Collectors.

A very nice looking watch with an ivory colored dial.

Remarks: In excellent working condition keeping accurate timing despite its vintage.

In my 20 years of watch collecting and selling, I have had owned many nice and rare pieces but I must say, I like this model most and it is my everyday watch.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have spent many years restoring this watch and will continue to improve on it. The process is laboriously slow due to the difficulty in getting parts. However, the satisfaction I get each time it gets better is beyond words.

I believe I may have sold the most number of pieces of this model in the world. I always wanted to keep one for myself and managed to convince the buyer to sell it back to me at a profit.

I have somewhat made up my mind to continue to restore it back to its former glory regardless of time and effort.

At recent Christies'Geneve Auction, an example in pristine condition was sold for CHF 400,000+.

It is interesting to note that this model was produced in small quantity of 1,000 pieces in yellow, pink gold and steel and some with star indexes dial. Pink gold has ref. no. 6063 stamped inside the back case

Price : POA


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