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RVM 4690

An extremely rare Rolex Steel Triple Calendar, ref. 6236 with Rolex Service paper.

Case: Excellent with no corrosion

Movement: clean in good working condition approximately +15secs daily.

Dial: Original creamy with some very minute scratches and spots as shown in picture. However, there is a slight line at 2&3 o'clock. It could be dirt or scratch but we do not want to run the risk to try to remove it.

Remarks: This model fetches very high prices at auction and the previous model 6036 came with word "Oyster" printed on its dial but as the 6036 model was tested water-proofed at 15 meters depth and when new, many complaints were received later after sales especially from hot countries like India and Middle Eastern countries. The hot weather caused the rubber gaskets in the pushers to harden. As buyers of chronographs tend to play with the pushers, after some time, water and moisture penetrated into the watch. Later shipments of 6236 to hot countries had just the word "ROLEX" on its dial. learning from the bad experiences, dials of later models, 6238 & 6239 were all without the word "Oyster". When the dial says "Oyster", it means the watch is water-proofed and good for diving up to certain depth.

However, as we all know that Vintage Rolex Watches info were few and unconfirmed, I came to my own conclusion after checking through the records of the 7 pieces of 6036 & 6236 sold by me. The reason could be that later shipments to hot countries were without the word "Oyster". Please see another 6236 in page 3, RVM 4188 and this piece had "Oyster" on its dial and serial nos. started with 384XXX and RVM 4690 has serial nos 576XXX which is of later period.


Price : SOLD


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