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Extremely Rare Military Ninja-sword, signed Seki no Magoroku.

Unique Japanese Military scout sword by Magoroku of Seki, founder of the famed school. His works are rated as Saijo O- Wazamono (Ultimate Supreme sharpness)

30 Years ago, I found this sword in a corner of a Professor's house amongst his large collection of Chinese antiques, somewhat neglected.

Over the years, I have done quite a bit of research, this type of mount is not recorded in any literature and I believed it to be custom made for soldiers who would strapped the sword on their back to front line spying mission like the ninjas in the old days.

The mount is made of coiled thick aluminum wires and the alumium catch that was attached to the handle and clip onto the saya was misplaced over the years. The both ends are made of brass.

The Koto era blade measuring about 23 inches long, is signed" SEKI MAGOROKU" in 3 kanji characters. This unique signature signed in Chinese form is unlike those of his son and later generations that was signed as "Kanemoto". Smiths of this school were known to produce blades of supreme sharpness. The blade despite its 500-700 history is very sharp and like most koto blades, it has couple of minute cracks on its body. The hamon is wavy and visibly clear.

It was often the prerogative of an eldest born son, who went to fight for his Emperor [during WW2 ], with his ancestor's blade set in traditional, military mounts.



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