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Sendai junin Miura Kunimitsu

Mint condition hefty Japanese Officer`s sword in Kaigunto Big Rayskin mountings.

The blade is signed "Sendai junin Miura Kunimitsu", shinogi-zukuri shape WWll time period ca.1940 era made blade. Kunimitsu's real name is Miura Shogo, born in 1900 in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, and was an army appointed swordsmith, made swords during WWll time period and after the war as a Gendai smith.

The blade is traditional hand forged, in old polish and in excellent condition. The temper line is attractive wavy gunome temper pattern throughout the blade and has deep o-maru temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada.

The blade is mounted in Naval kai gunto mountings and cutting edge is very sharp.

Scabbard is large ray-skin covered wood scabbard in mint condition.

The tsuba and seppa are matched number 010 stamped. The lock mechanism works perfect. The blade measures 26+5/8" tip to the guard, 25+3/4" cutting edge, 1+1/4" width, 7mm thickness at the notch and 39" in mountings.

This sword is in mint vintage condition with beautiful patina on its metal accessories.



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