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Toshihide-Star stamped sword-Showa

Beautiful long Imperial Japan military sword in full polish.

1.Traditionally forged with artistic hamon.
2. The blade is signed and "Ura-nenki" dated.
3. Mei signature is very nicely chiseled.
4. The blade is sturdy, i.e. wide and thick, and splendid.
5. The blade is finely polished and is in excellent condition.
6. The blade is very well forged and has nice forging grains.


Mei signature:


(back: November, Year 18 of Showa era (1943 in western calendar))

1. Toshihide was commissioned by the army during WW2 to make high grade blades for officers and the star stamped indicates that it was forged traditionally with Tamahagane and passed the inspection of the Army examiners. His civilian name was Asai Kazueda.

2. Jidai date: November 1943

3. Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri

4. Mune: Iori-mune

5. Boshi head: Chu-maru

6. Kitae hada: Ko-itame hada

7. Hamon temper line: Gunome mixed with Choji active temper lines

8. Nakago tang: Kuri-jiri (Ubu original, not shortened)

9. Yasuri-me: Sujikai with Kesho finishing

10. Mekugi hole: One

11. Habaki collar: Single piece copper

Size (approximation):

1. Cutting Edge Length: 64.2 cm (25.28")

2. Moto-haba: 33.5 mm

3. Saki-haba: 24.1 mm

4. Moto-gasane: 7.9 mm

5. Saki-gasane: 5.7 mm

6. Sori curve: 16 mm

7. Kissaki point: 38 mm

8. Nakago tang length: 21.2 cm (8 3/8")

9. Shirasaya fitting: 92.7 cm (36 1/2")

10. Tsuka handle: 22.8 cm (9")

Weight (approximation):

1. Bare blade: 799 g (1.76 lb)

2. When fit in Shirasaya fitting: 1,159 g (2.56 lb)


The blade is finely polished and mounted in a shirasaya and the overall condition is excellent.




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