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Uda Hirakuni (1429-1441), NBTHK Hozon

NBTHK attributed this sword to "UDA HIRAKUNI" of early Muromachi period (1429-1441).

The mounts are clean. It has a pierced/open work tsuba (usually found on higher grade mounts) and a (orange & brown ) colonel's tassel is attached.

This beautiful old koto sword blade has a wonderful shape with Bohi (gooves). The temperline is a nice Suguha with great Hada grain and lots of activities!

Nagasa: 27"(68cm). Mihaba: 1.21" (3.09cm). Kasane: .27"(6.83mm).

Uda smiths learned the forging of the Matsukawa Hada (Pine tree bark) from Norishige but somehow never really got around to it.

This sword definitely qualifies for NBTHK TH Certification and may consider sending it back.

Every collection is an adventure with many pitfalls and a learning process.



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