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Very nice Naval Officer sword in combat cover

This is a very nice and original Naval Officer sword with rarely seen combat cover made of black leather.

Blade jidai (era) : WW2 Showa era ca. 1940
Signed : Noshu ju Tanigawa Isshin
Nagasa/cutting edge : 25-3/4" & very sharp !

Tang : 8"
Total blade length : 33-3/4"
Blade thickness at the habaki notch : 7.5 mm thick

Width at the habaki : 31 mm, Width at yokote level : 22 mm. Kissaki/point : 40 mm, Sori/curve : 17 mm.
Hamon/temper line : nice inverted gunome midare-ba on both side.
Hada/grain : nice & bright tight muji-fu
Kissaki/point : sharp crispy point with big boshi/turn-back on both side

Blade condition : generally clean original ca. 1940 polish, very healthy, flawless, solid & very sharp !



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