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Vintage Pre-Daytona chronograph, ref 6234

Rolex model no. 6234/ case no.385xxx

This is one of the many chronographs that was produced by Rolex in the 1950s that didn't sell well when new as similar watches with the same movement and functions sold by other makers were much cheaper.

Whatever model that did not sell well when it was launched, is much sought after by collectors today and prices can be as much as 30-50 times in matter of 30 years.
A daytona ref. no, 6263 sold new for Sin dollars 1,700 in 1987, is worth $70,000 in 2017.

Due to its vintage, the dial has aged with a warm patina and is one of the nicest watch in my collection. The actual color is reflected in the listing photo.

A Rolex is always a Rolex and despite its age, it is still keeping perfect timing.

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