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RVM 1675

Vintage Rolex GMT, unpolished with optional faded bezel.

Case no. 2845270

This 1675 was made in 1960s with its original Oyster bracelet. The watch is in its unpolished original condition, its original bracelet is in 85% condition and the dial is good.

The bezel insert colors have faded to a beautiful hue.

For Vintage Rolexes, the original condition is much desire and command a high premium over a heavily polished piece of same model.

In 1959, Rolex introduced the GMT-Master 1675. This models comes very close to the more modern variations which have been in production till recently (ref.16710). The 1675 had a case measuring 40mm in diameter, crown-guards and an aluminium inlay. The movement also changed a bit and became Rolex caliber 1575.

Occasionally, a GMT-Master 1675 with a caliber 1570 inside, the base caliber for this self-winding movement is 1570 and was left engraved on the bridge of caliber 1575.

There also have been production numbers of the 1675 GMT-Master with caliber 1565 but it is unclear when these were used and in which particular models.

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