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WW2 Colonel Officer sword by Nagamitsu

WW 2 Colonel sword made by ''Nagamitsu" . Signed: Noshu Ju Nagamitsu Saku in gunto mounting.

Ichihara Nagamitsu was an army-commissioned swordsmith and the cutting ability of his swords rank among the best produced by Showa period sword smiths.
It was used to cut into a helmet without damaging the sword.

This sword is of SHOWA YEAR 18 ARMY Officers Type Shin-Gunto 98 koshirae.

The very sharp blade is 25 inches and the tsuka is 10 inch long. Total length with Koshirare is 40 inches in length.

The overall condition of blade and koshirae is in mint condition. It seems that this sword was carried by a high ranking commander not involved in field operation.

There is a samurai clan mon on the handle and partly rubbed off during its surrender to avoid bringing shame to its owner's Clan.



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