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WW2 period Sword in civilian mounting with Sanbonsugi/Three Cedars Temper Line.

The blade is signed Suke-Mitsu Nobumitsu saku with seki inspection stamp on its Tang.

Nobumitsu was active during WW2 in Seki City, Gifu perfecture and made gendaitos after the war.

The blade is traditionally hand forged, in old polish, with slight scratches but no rust. It measured 67.5cm from tip to guard.

The temper line is Sanbonsugi/Three Cedars Temper Line...wavy gunome pattern throughout and has a deep ko-maru temper at the point.

It belonged to a civilian working for the Imperial army during WW2.

The hamon peaks up every 6cm along the blade on both sides.

The civilian koshirae with a new saya is in excellent condition and the blade is very sharp with a cutting edge of 65cm.

The hamon is depicted in 2 of the pictures.



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