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WW2, Vice Admiral I. Ezaki Naval Sabre

WWII Japanese naval saber. Belonged to Vice Admiral Izaki in the Japanese Imperial Navy.

Comes with decorated metal and leather sheath. Embellished with a floral design. Blade had a few scuffs but in otherwise good condition. Leather is old and shows some wear.

This item comes from the historical collection of the Museum of Monterey - Stanton Center located in the heart of Monterey Bay.

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Museum and together with a 1945 Official Naval letter from the donor:

U.S. Technical Mission To Japan
Care Of Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

Serial No. 162 25 December 1945

From: Chief, Naval Technical Mission To Japan.
To: Rear Admiral E.W. Mills, USN.

Subject: Sword of Vice Admiral I. Ezaki, ex-IJN - Presentation of.

1. The personnel of the U.S. Naval technical Mission to Japan consider it fitting and appropriate to obtain from the Admirals of the Imperial Japanese Navy Ministry their swords, to be presented to the corresponding officers in the U.S. Navy Department, Bureau of Ships.

2. Rear Admiral E.W. Mills, USN, was assistant Chief of the Bureau of Ships during the war with Japan. Vice Admiral I. Ezaki, was formerly Chief of the Fourth Section (Ship Construction) of the Technical Department of the Imperial Japanese Naval Ministry during the same period, a position similar in its scope and responsibilities to that held by Real Admiral Mills.

3. It is with a sense of honor and privilege that the Naval Technical Mission to Japan is in a position to act as the intermediary in presenting the sword of Vice Admiral I. Ezaki, ex-IJN, to Rear Admiral E.W. Mills, U.S. Navy.

C.G. Grimes



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