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Yasuhiro sword (Miyaguchi Kunimori)

This sword was made by the famous Yasukuni Shrine smith, Yasuhiro also known as Miyaguchi Toshihiro / Kunimori (1897-1956) was the 3rd generation of Miyaguchi Ikkansai, grandson of Miyaguchi Shigetoshi (see Genealogy chart). He is of the Ikkansai Mon (school), "Minamoto Kiyomaro", was the greatest master of the Shinshinto period and was also of this school.

On December 23, 1932 the board of directors of the Yasukuni Shrine (Yasukuni shrine is devoted to the protection, and Memory of "SAMURAI, AND MILITARY WARRIORS") approved the establishment of the "Nihon To Tanren Kaji".

Miyaguchi was summoned and given the smith name Yasuhiro July 8th, 1933 by the war minister "Araki Sadao"! He was then appointed in charge of the Yasukuni Tanren Kai Foundation and is also listed as one of the Founders. In 1933 he began producing swords at this well known, and prolific school of sword smiths. He worked at the Yasukuni shrine until 1936, where he produced approximately 500 swords. He was also given the the War Minister award at the Nihonto Tanren Kai held by the Dai Nippon Tosho Kyokai. Yasuhiro was skilled at horimono, which he learned from his cousin Kasama Ikkansai Shigetsugu.

He also used the mei of "Miyaguchi Toshihiro" and "Miyaguchi Ikkansai Toshihiro"

In 1936 he was recuited by the wealthy Baron' Okura to become the chief instructor, and Sensei of sword making at the Okura Tanrensho Dojo, founded by Baron Okura Kihachiro (where fine Military blades were produced). He remained there through out the WW II period.

When the art of sword making was allowed to re-commence in 1954, Miyaguchi Kunimori obtained a license to produce art swords. His skill of sword making, along with his skill in horimono (blade engravings) and gold inlay work are considered superb.

Some of his most significant works include: a sword to Emperor Hirohito (He produced the Emperor's Military sword), a sword donated to the festival commemorating the 700th anniversary of the retired Emperor Gotoba, a Tachi (ceremonial sword) to the Ise Shrine, and the tachi made for the Yasukuni shrine. The blade (as noted above) is believed to have been made at the Okura Tanrensho, was made when he was 58 years old; he then passed away 1 year later.

On another sword by Toshihiro / Yoshihiro, possibly one of his last works he inscribed "Shukusai Jitsu", indicating that he is beginning his holiday (retirement). He also inscribed his age "58" years old. He passed from his very prolific life the following year at age "59" due to poor health.

This sword is signed "Miyaguchi Kunimori saku kore" and was made when he was the Chief master smith at Okura Tanrensho Dojo.

The cutting edge is 66cm with beautiful extra wide wavy hamon. Overall condition is almost mint despite its age. A General grade tassle is attached.



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