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Yasutake of Yasukuni Shrine fame, Gendiato, NBTHK and Aoi Cert.

Yasutake was a Yasukuni Shrine Smith during WW2 and made about 30 blades at Yasukuni Shrine.

He was regarded as the best Post war Yasukuni smith and won many prizes throughout his sword making career.

He was born in 1909 at Yamagata prefecture, northern part of Honsyu island.

In 1939, he helped Ikeda Yasumitsu & Yasushige at the Yasukuni Shrine.

He received the name of Yasutake by the minister of war Sugiyama.

He got many prizes as recorded in Happyo-Kai
Sword technique publication : 2 times Yushu-prize

Shinsaku-Meito Ten : Masamune-Sho

2 times Meiyo-Kaihcho-sho

Kanzan sho

6 times Yushu-sho

4 times Doryoku-sho

Yasutake dedicated specially made swords to the Yasukuni Shrine & the Ise Jingu Shrine & was approved Mukansa-Tosho from the NBTHK in 1981.

71.6 cm cutting-edge and a very elegant & strong curve / sori of 24 mm !


The previous woner purchased this blade from Aoi-Art, Japan in November 2001 for paid $7270 or Yen 850,000.

Signed : Yaguwa Yasutake Saku Kore
Dated : Showa 48 nen Gatsu Kichijitsu = October 1973

The blade is massive, & very attractive, in its original clean first polish,



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