Business Information


I am a Collector and no more operating as a business.

This website is maintained as a contact point for my ex-customers and friends who may need help for watches purchased previously from me.

All items depicted in my website are my PRIVATE COLLECTIONS, collected over the years, before, during and after my business.

Items shown on my website are representing and just a small part of the actual collection as there are hundreds or thousands in each collection and currently, I do not have the time to post up all.

Occassionally, I may sell or do an exchange to upgrade my collections except for the swords which are controlled items and licensed by the police.

Friendly Advice:

1. Dear friends, if you need help for watches purchased from me previously, you can contact me and please negotiate quotations and arrange shipment directly with the shops I reccommended to you. You can rest be assured that shops I reccommended are reputable with a good track record.

2. Any problem arises between you and the shop shall not be my responsibility as I am just an introducer and I do not make any commission from it.

3. My advice is to get everything down in writing and have the item fully insured if you are sending via mail.


1. All my ex-customers shall be accorded special attention for watches purchased from me and my service to you is complimentary and FOC.

2. For watches not purchased from me, I shall provide advice to the best of my knowledge.

3. Any request I am unable to attend to or help, please forgive as I am extremely busy trying to build a new career.


I am not associated with the maker of any watch brand that I displayed on my website and all my watches are classified as 'used' regardless whether they are used, unused or vintage.

For other collections, I do not represent any brand or artist and all items displayed are owned by me otherwise stated.


Please contact me if you have a high-grade or interesting watch to sell or trade.

I pay tomorrow's prices for rare and interesting timepieces and other collectibles to add to my collections!


Kindly note that our email address is:

For urgent matter only, kindly call or watsapps to my mobile no. at 65-90923899

Any query on any item, I would appreciate an email as I am now a full time investor and most of the time in meeting so unable to attend to your enquiries.

If you have an item to sell, kindly take a pic and watsapps to me.