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Funada Ikkin Yoshimori, Late Edo, NBTHK Hozon

Funada Ikkin Yoshimori, Late Edo, NBTHK

This Tsuba, together with a Tosogu set were from Darcy Brockbank.

The parcel arrived on the 9th of Febuary 2022 and on 1st of March, I was informed that Darcy has passed away in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Words couldn't described how devastated I was when I heard the news.

Darcy would live on in the hearts of many in the Nihonto world especially those who have benefited much from the educational stuff on his website and also those who  have bought great swords from him.

 Funada Ikkin Yoshimori is one of the five outstanding students of Goto Ichijo and comes first in his expertise in the art of taka-nikubori(high relief).

After ten years of appretice, Ichijo granted this student one character of his own name, something reserved for his best students only.

Ikkin was active from 1838 to 1863 and died at the age of 52. There are few works by him compared to the other artisans of Ichijo.

Japanese collectors normally just send item in to verify the signature and don't want to incur extra cost to get higher paper.

This tsuba could easily get Tokubestu Hozon if submitted. 

Price : POA


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